Blue Mountain!! step aside for a while from the City Crowd

When it come to Holiday Journey.

I always want to explore all of the country side.

From the city crowd, beach, suburb, famous landmark,Village and mountain.

Yuuuuph it's Blue Mountain.
With The magic of My multi card. we don't need to buy another train ticket to explore the city.
I choose my Multi 3 ticket.

From the Sydney Central Station we start the journey to Blue Mountain.

in another 2 and a half hour we stop at Katoomba Station.
The train is Clean and Comfort plus the view from the train is beautiful so the journey feel so fast.


Arrived in Katoomba. Then we take the Bus to Blue Mountain Scenic World and Blue Mountain point lookout.

Blue Mountain is recognise as UNESCO the world heritage list.

Since I was very deeply in love with amazing place and photograph. This place is very breathtaking beautiful.

This is the point lookout of blue mountain by my Photograph.
BLUE MOUNTAIN Three sisters point lookout by Me.

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Blue Mountain famous because the Legend of Three Sister. I will tell you a little story about the legend of three sisters.

 " ...Long Time ago there are three beautiful sisters, Meehni, Wimlah and Gunnedoo, they are gundungurra people. They fall in love with three brothers from the neighbouring nation of the Dharruk people. But they can't be marriage its forbidden because of tribal law. The three brothers are warriors and they decide to take the three sisters by force. When the tribal wars begin the Gundungurra people turn the three sisters into stone to protect them. Unfortunately Kuradjuri the man who turn three sisters into stone killed at the tribal war. So until now nobody know what spell will turn the three sister stone back into normal...."

Thats the Three Sisters behind us
From the point look out the next destination is Scenic World. 
Long time ago this area is coal mine. The coal mine closed in 1945 and take over by Harry Hammon and his sister  Isobel Fahey.  They turn the old coal mine into a Tourist Icon, the named it Scenic World. 

There are skyway, cableway, railway and walkway.
They provide all the attraction so we can explore the scenic world safely and the view is amazing.
Railway Scenic World

Walkway Scenic World

Skyway Scenic World
Its a bit rainy when we explore the scenic world, so the temperature become more lower and it's brrrr...cold outside.
The journey to explore Blue Mountain are and Scenic World it's Amazing. I love every beautiful view that i passed when i walk. And i love how they can make this area is easy to reach and safe to explore.
Trolley Bus


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