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Zoo lets Gooo

I'm not the animal lovers. Actually more into the anti animals. The last time i went to zoo its in junior high in School recreational day. But Now i will visit the Taronga Zoo because of the curiosity of my husband about this Sydney Zoo. Taronga Zoo located in the suburb of Mosman. The government of Sydney put the location across from the city centre area. To get there we have to use the Ferry from Sydney harbour. Yup with My Multi 3 Tickets we can go anywhere by the tram, ferry and bus, its a very helping multi-functions tickets. Taronga Zoo Gate Taronga Zoo Ferry terminal Arrived at the Taronga Zoo!!! To enter the zoo we can use the cable car. Because the area is very big and separate from the entrance area. But if you want to walk all over the zoo its okay. I suggest to use the cable car as the entrance and going out the zoo because the view from the cable car is super nice. From the cable car you can see the area of the zoo, so you can decide and choose which area