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Double Date Traveller

Holaaaa from Ngong Ping Village.     Mei 2015!!! For this journey we're planning on brosist double date. Yuhuuuuu just like what I've always dream on. Not a romantic double date for sure but it's "hebring heboh" date. Here it is...First place to go is Ngong Ping Village. Is the place for famous Big Budha statue, the name of the statue is Tian Tan. To reach the big buddha we have to climb over 268 steps. The big buddha surround with six smaller bronze statues named Bodhisattvas which represent six perfections of Generosity, Morality, Patience, Zeal (spirit), Meditation and Wisdom. Halfway more to Gooo. Background of six perfections. Shoot the Tian Tan Statue. The weather is strong winds, which is cold and a bit of rainfall. But thankfully we are safely climb up the Tian Tan Budha.  The view from the upstair was amazing, we can see the Hongkong city from far away, the Lantau peak and Po Lin monastery.  Go around 360 circle of Tian Tan podium