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Holla Babes ada yang baru nih dari SENKA. Kalau biasanya SENKA identik dengan foaming face wash, nah sekarang ada Gel Wash dari SENKA PERFECT GEL GENTLE WASH.  Penggemar Gel Wash kalian wajib colek babes! here it is #IchaMauCerita Senka Perfect Gel Gentle Wash. Gel tekstur dalam facial wash itu berfungsi untuk mengangkat kelebihan minyak yang ada di kulit wajah. Karena itu waktu tau kalau SENKA punya produk terbaru SENKA GEL GENTLE WASH langsung banget mau cobain.  Anyway Senka Perfect Gel Gentle Wash ini launching per tanggal 17 Agustus 2021 kemarin babes dan kalian sudah bisa beli di e-commerce favorit kalian, sperti Shopee, Tokopedia, Lazada, Blibli, JD.ID. Ataupun di store terdekat kalian seperti Watson, Guardian dan lainnya. PACKAGING SENKA PERFECT  GEL  GENTLE WASH Untuk urusan packaging masih sama dengan keluarga SENKA Facial Wash yang lain, berbentuk tube dengan flip open packaging, hanya saja warna dari SENKA PERFECT GEL GENTLE WASH ini biru muda dan warna packagingnya lebih m

Zoo lets Gooo

I'm not the animal lovers. Actually more into the anti animals. The last time i went to zoo its in junior high in School recreational day. But Now i will visit the Taronga Zoo because of the curiosity of my husband about this Sydney Zoo. Taronga Zoo located in the suburb of Mosman. The government of Sydney put the location across from the city centre area. To get there we have to use the Ferry from Sydney harbour. Yup with My Multi 3 Tickets we can go anywhere by the tram, ferry and bus, its a very helping multi-functions tickets. Taronga Zoo Gate Taronga Zoo Ferry terminal Arrived at the Taronga Zoo!!! To enter the zoo we can use the cable car. Because the area is very big and separate from the entrance area. But if you want to walk all over the zoo its okay. I suggest to use the cable car as the entrance and going out the zoo because the view from the cable car is super nice. From the cable car you can see the area of the zoo, so you can decide and choose which area

Blue Mountain!! step aside for a while from the City Crowd

When it come to Holiday Journey. I always want to explore all of the country side. From the city crowd, beach, suburb, famous landmark,Village and mountain. Yuuuuph it's Blue Mountain. With The magic of My multi card. we don't need to buy another train ticket to explore the city. I choose my Multi 3 ticket. From the Sydney Central Station we start the journey to Blue Mountain. in another 2 and a half hour we stop at Katoomba Station. The train is Clean and Comfort plus the view from the train is beautiful so the journey feel so fast. PHOTOGRAPH by Me Arrived in Katoomba. Then we take the Bus to Blue Mountain Scenic World and Blue Mountain point lookout. Blue Mountain is recognise as  UNESCO the world heritage list . Since I was very deeply in love with amazing place and photograph. This place is very breathtaking beautiful. This is the point lookout of blue mountain by my Photograph. BLUE MOUNTAIN Three sisters point lookout by Me. Add

One Lovely week in Sydney

Darling Harbour Shopping Centre around Westfield Sydney The Rocks Museum Hyde Park View from Pylon Look Out Tra..lala..laaaaa It's our time for Holiday, we pick April for our holiday this year. Our hope and dream is to travel the world, wish us luck for everything.  We always hope every once in a year we travel around (but if more than once its extra pleasure..hahaha), I wish there's always chance and time to do that.  Here it is the spot of Sydney City Centre. Since, I'm interest in photography I am very Glad because the city spot is very GREAT. There are classic vintage buildings to the most modern high tech of city building, and its maintain very well by the government and also by the citizen. They had Great Museum, Beautiful landmark and of course Unique shopping centre.  For Ladies there's an info that City Shopping centre in Sydney is close at 7 P.M everyday except on thursday is at 8 P.M Yaaaaph it's earlier than other met

Olaaaaaa from Us

Olaaaa..olaaaa yuuuphhh this is it when our journey begin as Dora and Diego the explorer. We love to travel around, explore everything we meet and thats become our great experiences. Sit down---relax---and enjoy the explorer!!!!!